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Holum Trio is an unique no chord-ensemble which explores the blend of improvised music and modern pop. Since the start in 2011 the band has done over 70 concerts in Norway and abroad, and continues to be highly active. 


The trio sounds outgoing and available, yet multi-layered and open. And with an untraditional combination of instruments where the musicians create melodic and dynamic layers and allow a simple melody to create tension, Holum Trio creates fresh new norwegian jazz.

Where our debut album «Heim» (home) was inspired by our roots, our latest album crosses musical and cultural borders. The band members has travelled a lot since their first album and brings new cultures and musical impressions into this project. 


«Borte» is a summary of our musical journey since our first album and consists of African rhythms, Arabic tonalities, Nordic harmony and European freejazz with one foot safely planted in our roots. Released 01.02.2019 on the Norwegian up and coming jazz label AMP Records.


Vegard Kvamme Holum - trumpet


Born 30.september, 1985 in Volda.


Has a bachelordegree in Rhythmic Music from The University of Agder. Currently residing in Oslo where he is taking his master degree on The Norwegian Academy of Music and working as a freelance musician, composer and educator.


Operates in a wide spectre of genres as a multi-instrumentalist and in addition to his own projects he is frequently used as a sessionmusician and on TV-productions.


Stian A.E. Andersen - double bass

Born August 31st, 1988 in Stavanger.


A sought after bassplayer in the Oslo jazzscene. Plays in numerous band as a composer bandleader and musician.


Has a bachelordegree from The Norwegian Academy of Music. Lives in Oslo and works as a freelance musician.


Øystein Aarnes Vik - drums

Born December 14th, 1990 in Oslo.


Also has a bachelordegree from The Norwegian Academy of Music. Lives in Oslo and works as a freelance musician.


A versatile drummer who operates in a number of constellations both as a musician and composer.

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